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The Best Free Resume Builders of 2020

Due to the COVID quarantine and associated high unemployment, the job market has become extremely competitive, and many recruiters have set a high bar with their requirements. A strong and professional resume is an authoritative tool for job hunters since it is a first impression of the candidate to the recruiters. Creating a suitable resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be frustrating, especially if you are constantly revising it for different jobs. Fortunately, there are numerous resume builders to help with the process, lots of them at no cost.  Here are a few: (NOTE: Don’t incorporate too many graphics or design elements into your resume.  More recruiters are using software to “read” your resume and help them sort by qualification.  These programs often have problems reading your resume if there are too many graphics.)

Zety. https://zety.com/

Zety is an exciting resume builder for any job seeker. The builder is famous among job seekers for its fascinating, yet professional resume templates. It offers 18 modern and advanced templates for free, making it accessible among candidates. The free builder allows you to customize your resume in font, italics, text underlining, and even color. It provides fascinating designs for formatting different from MS word, making it unique and fun to use. Adding, removing, and rearranging sections and icons is quite easy with Zety resume builder. The side column allows you to save space with your resume without it appearing crammed and the tiny icons are potent tools that help attract the attention of anyone who goes through the CV.

When using a Zety resume builder for free, you can generate a free link to your resume and download it from the link.

VisualCV https://www.visualcv.com/

If you are looking to create a new CV or make adjustments to your existing one, VisualCV is the perfect resume builder for you. Although the free version offers only three free templates, they generate an enhanced resume that gives you confidence in your interviews despite the VisualCV branding at the bottom of each page.

The paid pro version grants one access to all templates with a personal domain that allows the user to keep an online resume safely. It provides various models for different industries, which makes it more exciting. The flexibility to download a resume in PDF format makes it among the best resume free sites.

Resume Coach https://www.resumecoach.com/

Resume coach offers both sophistication and simplicity. The site you will guide you through each simple step taken in creating your resume. It will allow you to add or remove sections as desired to create the perfect resume that perfectly fits the targeted field. Although the free builder makes you type the information manually, the end product will be worth each minute.

To access enhanced features of the builder, you will subscribe to the plan, which is very affordable, giving you access to all templates.

Hloom https://www.hloom.com/resume/builder

Hloom is popular among job seekers for its flexibility as a resume builder. It offers eye-catching templates that help highlight your skills and past experiences, making one stand out among the recruiters. Whenever you ask yourself this question, what are the best resume sites? Remember Hloom as the resume builder that offers exemplary resume templates.

It has been rated the best in terms of the resources they offer to potential employees. Its step by step guide provides significant insights into each process of resume creation, which is unique and tailored to fit different industries according to clients’ preferences. After preformatting, you can save, edit, and even send out the resume in varying file types and sharing options, which indicates profound flexibility.

Resumonk Resume Builder https://www.resumonk.com/

Creating a resume is easy and fun thanks to Resumonk resume builder. It offers impressive and professional resume templates and resources that contribute to succeeding in job applications and interviews. The interface is super easy to use and allows you to import information directly from your LinkedIn account. What makes it the best resume free site is the ability to generate multiple resumes intended for diverse fields.

Although the free version of the resume will have the branding of Resumonk, it displays professionalism in the content which places it at a better position among the recruiters. The paid subscriptions, which are relatively cheap, offer unlimited resources and features, making it the best career partner for job hunters.

Resume.com https://www.resume.com/

When it comes to creating a professional CV, many people have trusted resume.com to get the task done faster, efficiently, and professionally. So what makes resume.com the best resume free site? Candidates who sought services from this resume builder always offer positive feedback. It makes it stand out not only for the quality of the resumes generated but also for the free service, which is super convenient to job-hunters.

Resume.com has invested a lot in research to identify the critical factors that employees screen for in resumes and have tailored their research results to provide the best CVs for free. The resume builder has been designed by incorporating data indeed.com which is a job recruiting website. Once a CV has been successfully created, it is shared out among millions of the employers registered with the site seeking for employees. How better can resume.com get?

SlashCV https://www.slashcv.com/

Why does SlashCV stand out among the other free builders? Well, it does not require you to get an account to get started unless you need to save your work. A simple step of dragging and copying makes it easy for any job seeker to follow the easy guidelines to generate a professional CV. The editor is intuitive and straightforward.

With SlashCV, you can only type the information manually or use the copy and paste feature since there is no flexibility of importing data from the Linkedin account. It is still an ideal resume builder for a job hunter, helping them generate a professional CV and instilling confidence when dropping their CVs to different organizations.

Novoresume https://novoresume.com/

As a resume builder, Novoresume aligns and organizes the content of your resume to a professional and enticing piece of art to your recruiters. They offer a wide selection of resume templates that are approved by recruiters to maintain professionalism.

The builder takes one through steps to creating and customizing a resume while providing suggestions for revisions. Signing in with an email address and the name gets you started with the process of eventually downloading the CV in a free PDF format.


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