We're proud to announce that Work ThisWay Beta has officially launched.

What Is Empathetic Computing

From 1987 to 1994, Star Trek: Next Generation delighted fans with the continuing adventures of intrepid space exploration aboard the Federation starship Enterprise-D. Serving among the heroic crew was Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Data, an android with artificial intelligence.

Although Data was self-aware and sentient, he was pretty clueless when it came to the human emotion he desired, the lack of which launched his ongoing quest to gain this measure of humanity. 

While ThisWay Global doesn’t boast an emotion-seeking android as a COO, we may have the next best thing when it comes to assisting job seekers: empathetic computing. Or more specifically, an empathetic AI platform designed by the software company, Maslo.ai, who has partnered with ThisWay Global’s Ai4JOBS to bring you the first job-matching resource of its kind.

Maslo.ai and Empathetic Computing

Job seeking is a tough job, even in strong economic times. With so many jobs lost due to the pandemic, the pressure has risen exponentially for those who have found themselves laid off and back into the stressful scramble of hunting for a job. 

The Los Angeles software company, Maslo.ai, understands this and has developed a special app for those of you who have found yourselves thrust back into the dystopian universe of unemployment. Maslo.ai’s Career Companion app is an empathetic, AI-enhanced emotional support platform that can help you deal with not only the practical aspects of your job search, such as resume building and job search reminders, but with the emotional side of things as well.

The Career Companion offers encouragement, personalized advice, and feedback, and you can even connect with a human coach if you’d like more support. You can also use the app for voice journaling and tracking your moods. Processing your thoughts, feeling, and ideas through the act of journaling have been shown to benefit not only the mind but physical health as well. 

15 Trillion Matches

Since the launch of ThisWay Global’s Ai4JOBS in 2015, Ai4JOBS has logged 15 trillion matches for job seekers!  And the Ai4JOBS platform has been trained to understand around 48 thousand different job types. There’s just one glaring omission – bias. 

The current climate is difficult enough, without the additional worry of wondering if your carefully crafted resume will even make it past the applicant tracking system’s initial hunt for the perfect keywords, due to bias against your gender, name, age, ethnic group, or any of the many other ways bias can be employed.

You are the one who needs to be employed, not bias – and bias has been soundly fired by the developers of Ai4JOBS, who have trained the program to eliminate bias and instead, look at what all AI platforms should have been looking at all along – skills and qualifications.

The Society of Human Resources Management even awarded the maverick Ai4JOBS, “Innovation of the Year”, at the 2019 HR Technology Conference and Expo. 

You can try it for yourself here on the website, or download the app on your mobile.

The unemployment numbers may be up at the moment, but we’ve been there, done that before, and we’ve come through because we are survivors. And now, with the partnership of Maslo.ai and ThisWay Global and their special AI tool that would be the envy of even Lieutenant Data, you can get back into the workforce while keeping both your humanity and sanity.


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